From chaos to order. Reimagine airport traffic

Fast Travel is an innovative taxi management system meticulously engineered for airports and high-traffic zones. It features traffic flow regulation algorithms, automated dispatching,  real-time monitoring, and a customized booking engine. Our airport taxi solution leverages cutting-edge hardware and software to ensure efficient operations and enhanced safety.

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Fast Travel benefits for airports

Optimize terminal space

Optimize terminal space

Our airport taxi solution eliminates taxi queues, freeing up valuable space for optimized terminal layouts so you can boost revenue and profitability.

Guarantee predictable, secure transportation

Guarantee predictable, secure transportation

By offering transparent pricing, a verified taxi fleet, and advanced warning systems for suspicious activities, our booking system ensures safe rides tailored to individual passenger needs.

Enable swift booking via taxi kiosks

Enable swift booking via taxi kiosks

Our self-service kiosk machines have intuitive interfaces, allowing passengers to book a taxi in less than 2 minutes, with their ride arriving promptly after order confirmation.

Take airport traffic under control

Take airport traffic under control

Employ a fully developed back-office traffic control system that utilizes chip readers, cameras, software, and taxi booking kiosks to support, monitor, and manage terminal operations

Match individual travel requirements

Match individual travel requirements

Delight passengers by offering a wide range of ride options - standard, premium, maxi, and eco - to accommodate diverse travel needs.

Decrease your carbon footprint

Decrease your carbon footprint

By effectively informing passengers about eco-friendly travel options, you can achieve over 60% eco-car usage through customer choice, lowering carbon emissions without enforcement or restrictions.

With Fast Travel you can elevate traveler satisfaction and enhance their journey by providing secure, transparent, and hassle-free service.

Improve passenger experience

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sign the contract

This step solidifies our partnership, allowing us to start the implementation process and deploy our cutting-edge traffic management system.


Install the system components

Our team will set up hardware like cameras, sensors, and self-service kiosks across airport facilities, and launch software that powers the system’s capabilities.


Unlock operational mastery

With all elements in place, you are ready to take full control over your airport's operations, from monitoring real-time traffic data to leveraging advanced analytics and alerts.

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