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Fast Travel is a managed taxi booking system that allows travellers to effortlessly arrange rides through self-service kiosks. This innovative system has already been adopted by the hotels near Oslo Airport and other high-traffic zones, demonstrating its usefulness for businesses seeking to improve their visitor experience by providing fast, safe, and reliable transportation.

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Fast Travel benefits for hotels

Clear hotel drop-off area

Clear hotel drop-off area

By encouraging guests to use hotel taxi kiosks, you can reduce the demand for on-site parking, freeing up space and improving logistics.

Offer convenient ride-booking service

Offer convenient ride-booking service

With our intuitive booking system, passengers can order a taxi in just 70 seconds, choosing the ideal option based on preferred category, price, and luggage capacity.

Get clarity on pricing

Get clarity on pricing

Offer travellers true pricing transparency so they know the full ride cost upfront before booking, eliminating any surprises or hidden fees.

Free up your team’s time

Free up your team’s time

By installing our self-service kiosks at the hotel you offer guests a reliable taxi booking service, enhancing their access to comfortable transportation without relying on staff.

Provide an additional level of security

Provide an additional level of security

Our system features advanced license plate recognition cameras, ensuring efficient vehicle tracking for extra safety and security of travelers.

Leverage taxi management software

Leverage taxi management software

We offer fully customized software tailored for the seamless experience of passengers, drivers, and hotel staff alike.

With our taxi booking software, you can gain a competitive edge by providing travelers with a convenient way to get to and from the hotel.

Ensure a tailored travel experience for your guests

How to start a collaboration with Fast Travel


Send us a message

If you would like to introduce a managed taxi service at your hotel, contact us at hello@fasttravel.com to discuss partnership opportunities.


Meet our team

One of our representatives will reach out to you and give you a demo of our taxi management system's capabilities and how they can cater to your specific needs


Get our proposal

We'll create a proposal outlining tailored solutions to effectively integrate the Fast Travel system into your hotel's operations, aligning it with your specific requirements and goals.


sign the contract

Once all the details are clarified, the next step is to review and sign the contract, formalizing our partnership.


Install hotel taxi kiosks

Our team will place customized self-service kiosks at the hotel and provide the software that allows guests to effortlessly arrange transportation.


Enhance guest mobility

With all the preparations done, you are now ready to delight your guests with a convenient solution to book a ride to their destination.

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