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Fast Travel is revolutionizing the airport taxi game with an innovative platform designed to empower drivers with real-time insights. Our cutting-edge driver information system provides up-to-the-minute alerts on bookings, terminal updates, traffic levels, and depot capacity, letting you optimize every aspect of your workday for maximum efficiency.

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Fast Travel benefits for taxi drivers

Get more rides

Get more rides

Expand your booking options and ensure a steady stream of rides from multiple channels - in-app bookings, airport kiosks, and third-party taxi apps.

Access automated dispatch system

Access automated dispatch system

With our intelligent automated queuing, you can easily check your spot in line, estimated wait time, and current depot capacity within your category.

Secure prime pick-up points

Secure prime pick-up points

Our designated taxi kiosks strategically position you right at busy terminals for seamless pickups - no circling and no rush.

Manage your bills

Manage your bills

Our solution enables effortless invoice management, so you can streamline your payments and keep finances in check.

Enjoy depot facilities

Enjoy depot facilities

Experience dedicated driver lounges with comfortable seating and sleeping areas, multifaith space, a kitchenette, and a cafeteria.

Keep a flexible schedule

Keep a flexible schedule

Manage your working hours and take a 15-minute break whenever you want, without losing your spot.

Tap into a world of opportunities by utilizing our cutting-edge platform designed to elevate your driving experience.

Transform your taxi business with our system

How to become an airport taxi driver


get A permit

To operate as a taxi driver at the airport, you need to have a valid taxi permit.


Access airport taxi system

Go to our permit owner portal and fill out a quick form to join the Fasttravel airport taxi system. If you operate under someone else's permit, you should contact the permit owner and they'll get you set up.


Download the app

Download our dedicated taxi driver app for quick access to real-time demand insights, instant notifications and personalized scheduling tools.


Activate your taxi driver status

Once installed, open the app and set up your driver profile. Simply enter details about your vehicle, select your pricing tier, and customize app preferences to your liking.


Take your first ride

Now you're ready to accept your first ride request! The app will notify you when a passenger books a trip near your location. Review the details, confirm availability, and navigate to the pickup spot.


Say goodbye to wait times

Boost your productivity and reduce wait times with precise demand insights. Our driver app combines multiple data sources to track real-time passenger requests, traffic patterns, and taxi availability. This allows you to maximize pickups during rush hours, plan your workday effectively, and distribute your time between the airport and other service locations without wasted downtime.

Maximize uptime with our Insights tool

Current demand

Maximize uptime with our Insights tool
Very high
Estimated time to be booked
Track airport traffic in one place

Very high

Track airport traffic in one place

Check our service fees at Oslo Gardermoen

Unlock the full power of Fast Travel's driver software at unbeatable entry costs. Easily update preselections, enable the datatrip function, adjust pricing, and handle registrations - with our ultra-flexible, hassle-free service model.

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Passing Fee

NOK 22,53

Invoice Fee, Low vat-rate

NOK 55,03

Invoice Fee, High vat-rate

NOK 55,03

Invoice Fee, Invoicing with EHF


Registration of premium car

NOK 2816,50

Hotel booking Fee

NOK 45,00

Pause function

NOK 36,68

Change default queue

NOK 36,68

Change queue

NOK 36,68

External booking (Datatrip)

NOK 36,68

Change price group

NOK 36,68

Registration permit owner

NOK 995,60

Registration taxi/data and when changes * (Change data of taxi kr 995,60 ex.vat each time vehicle-registration-number, chip-number, permit-number or central changes.)

NOK 995,60


NOK 1 239,26

Unauthorized parkering

NOK 1 351,92

Unauthorized entry terminal

NOK 995,60

Reactivation of chip

NOK 995,60

Fare prices template programming, first hour

NOK 1 689,90

Fare prices template programming, beyond first hour

NOK 1 126,60


Download the Fast Travel taxi app for drivers

Manage your bookings with the ultimate driver companion. We created a modern, single-touch app so you can receive orders, accept ride requests, and set your availability on the go. Our driver application automatically dispatches rides to reduce downtime, provides real-time airport traffic insights to help you maximize pickups, offers seamless in-app navigation, and streamlines invoicing.

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