Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our customers. We’ve compiled this list of FAQs to provide you with quick and easy access to information you may need.

How do I as a permit owner get enrolled, and what's the cost?

You sign up for the passing deal agreement on our front page, and you'll receive login details to access your permit owner space. The cost for signing up for the first time are as following:

  • NOK   995.60,- ex VAT Registration of Permit owner passing deal agreement
  • NOK   995.60,- ex VAT Registration of Taxi data (Permit, Vehicle, Chip, Central)
  • NOK 1 239.26,- ex VAT New chip

Total NOK 3 230.46,- ex VAT (NOK 4 038.08,- incl 25% VAT )

What are the uniform requirements?

If a taxi is affiliated with a Central then an official uniform with a visible logo is required. If a taxi is independent, minimum requirements are text with the wording “TAXI”, formal clothing as in white shirt and black pants. No private clothing such as hoodies, jeans or sweatpants are allowed.

How can I submit my prices for the booking machine?

Prices are submitted as strictly guided xlsx or csv templates to allow for import. Please contact for more information about example files and guidelines for templates. The import templates consists of 3 files. 

  • 2 files: Fixed price table (.xlsx or .csv) + Fixed price map with zones (.kml)
  • 1 file: Metered price table (.xlsx or .csv)
I need help with creating  prices for the booking machine?

We provide services to help you with customizing your template. Please contact for more information.

I entered the depot but was not given a spot in the queue, what could be wrong?
  • Permit owner must have signed a passing deal agreement
  • Taxi must be registered with an active chip and a vehicle
  • Taxi must not be sanctioned or temporarily suspended
  • Permit owner must not have unpaid bills
I have swapped my car, how do I change it in the system?

As a permit owner you would need log in on the permit owner page you can add a new car with the button “Add a new car”.

How can I manage my enrolled taxis?

On the permit owner page, you’ll get an overview of all your registered taxis and have access to functions such as “Add new car” , “Order new chip” and “Delete car”.

How do I apply to become a premium taxi?

You can apply to become a premium taxi through the "settings" page on your driver page. You can also find a list of approved premium vehicles here

How do I buy a chip for access?

As a signed up permit owner you should have received login credentials for the permit owner space. Login and use the button to add a new car if no car already exists, or find an existing taxi from the list and click show details, you will then find a button to order a new chip.

I already have a chip from one of my many taxis, can I move to another of my taxis?

Yes, It's possible to reuse or move your chip, a datachange will be charged. Please contact for more information.

The access barrier to the terminal won't open, what could be wrong?
  • Taxi must not be sanctioned or temporarily suspended
  • Permit owner must not have unpaid bills
  • Provider of barrier is experiencing technical difficulties
My chip has expired, how do I order a replacement?

Login to the permit owner space and find your taxi from the list and click show details, you will then find a button to order a new chip.

What is datatrip?

Datatrip is any external trip received digitally, as in not from our bookingmachine, It might be received through the taximeter or any taxi service mobile app. To be allowed entry to restricted areas for customer pickup, either a booking from our bookingmachine or a “datatrip” is necessary.

How do I register datatrip?

As a driver you register your datatrip on the drivers “MyPage”, which you can access by authorizing with:

  • Permit number
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Last 6 digits of chip number
What’s the point of premium?

The premium category has been established with the intention that the ordering solution will present different categories to customers. Other categories focus on mileage cars (mainly electric cars), fuel-powered cars and Maxi Taxis. The purpose of the premium category is for customers who want to choose a car based on the quality of the vehicle to have this presented in a separate category on the order screen.

What requirements are placed on the car and the driver?

Fast Travel has defined a selection of car models, which in our opinion qualify to be approved as Premium. Drivers must follow the uniform requirement defined in the Passing Agreement. The car must be cleaned inside and outside at all times. The car must be free of visible damage and dents.

How should the driver act?

Drivers who drive Premium cars are obliged to provide "premium service". Be it response time, receiving customers at the terminal, helping with loading luggage, as well as opening doors for passengers.

What is the price?

Registration of a premium car costs 2,816.50 kr

How do I get the car registered as a premium? Does premium follow the car or the permit?

The application form can be found under the permit owner page on The premium approval follows the licence.

How long is the validity?

12 months from the registration fee paid

What advantages can it have for the permit owner? Any disadvantages?

Premium cars are shown in their own category on the order screen. A picture of the car is displayed as the only category

How can the permit owner charge a higher price?

Permit owners control their own prices. Fast Travel facilitates visibility and category.

Does the permit owner get more visibility with the Premium car category than the Electric car category?

As there is a picture of the car, the visibility is clear for customers who want to order a premium car